Balast Towel

About Us

Balast Towel is a professional manufacturer in the field of towel textile production which started producing in 2008 and offers art at an industrial level to its customers. satisfying customers is a part of the artistry of the artisans of this organization. 

Balast Towel has been able to include new standards in its products, so that, its products offer you the feeling of beauty and comfort. 

Balast Towel has succeeded in improving the quality of towels at the global level and has worked fearlessly in the field of quality and innovation. 

Balast Towel always applies the quality control steps not at the end of its production process, but from the beginning and throughout the process, in order to, finally supply and guarantee its products with confidence. 

Balast Towel has been able to have an active and efficient group by employing and training talented personnel. 

The production processes of this organization are in accordance with the latest technical and scientific findings that are being implemented worldwide. And along with the experienced manpower, the latest machines in the world have become the engine of the rapid growth and development of this factory. 
And also, the decades-long experience of the managers of Balast Towel has marked another side of progress. 

Of course, stylish and elegant consumers and critics who patiently convey their expectations and suggestions to Balast towel, have marked a very important aspect of the development of this factory, and Balast towel is always determined to maintain relations with fastidious customers